Brand and Consumer Product Goods Manufacturers

Expand your reach with mobile marketing

Innovative solutions from AT&T Mobile Marketing help you succeed in meeting market demands, enhancing the consumer experience, and delivering bottom-line results for your business. As brand and consumer product goods manufacturers, you face increasing complexity in your business as market demands and consumer options grow and diversify, while supply chain inputs globalize at an increased rate. Let AT&T Mobile Marketing solutions help you stay relevant and be competitive by adapting and responding to:


  • An increase in consumer involvement.
  • The accelerated pace of business in today’s global economy.
  • Complex and far reaching global supply chains.
  • Demand volatility driven by rapidly shifting markets.
  • The challenge of accurate forecasting.
  • Regulatory burdens in labeling, packaging, quality, and traceability




AT&T Product

Potential Benefits

Increase geo-targeted campaign yields.


  • To fine-tune targeting and influence, use location-triggered mobile messaging.
  • To maximize response to calls to action, push user-requested targeted content based on mobile location and time of day;
  • To select location and time of day, use a radius geo-fence tool.

AT&T Location Information Services (LIS)

  • Improve revenue through proximity marketing.
  • Increase visits and sales by using location-based messaging and special offers.
  • Reach both smart and feature phone users.
  • Avoid costs and complexity by not requiring client-side applications.


Notify consumers about online purchase updates.

Quickly update consumers about shipping details and payment confirmations using text messages.

AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite (GSMS)

  • Improve consumer satisfaction.
  • Improve operational efficiencies.

Manage costs by using texts to notify consumers about sales and specials.


Notify consumers by SMS of a sale or special that has not been advertised using other media.

AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite (GSMS)

  • Increase revenue through targeted marketing.
  • Increase visits for special offers.
  • Reduce advertising costs.


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