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Innovate your approach to the customer experience by implementing mobility solutions

AT&T Mobile Marketing solutions provide banks and investment firms the opportunity to bring mobile technology into branches and deploy added mobile security to help prevent fraudulent transactions. Also, enhance the customer experience by mobilizing employee functions, financial product applications, and branch transactions.




AT&T Product

Potential Benefits

Expand mobile application options for clients.


Address concerns about:

  • Client loyalty, convenience, and account access.
  • Brand image
  • Use of CRM applications


Mobilize branch employees.


Give your clients access to back-end applications that work on nearly any mobile device. Create custom applications for consumer account transactions including fund transfers and mobile payments.

AT&T Mobile Enterprise Application Platform

  • Support branch modernization, moving from informational to transactional.
  • Expand your market share through new revenue channels
  • Differentiate you from the competition
  • Leverage existing CRM applications.

Quickly validate transactions with clients.

Validate transactions with clients using texts.

AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite

  • Improve client security.
  • Reduce overhead for fraud detection.

Prevent credit card fraud.

  • Identify use of stolen cards outside the registered client's normal location.

AT&T Location Information Services

  • Improve client service and satisfaction.
  • Reduce credit card fraud.
  • Reduce fraud management costs.





AT&T Mobile Enterprise Applications Platform

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