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Let AT&T Mobile Marketing Solutions help you with your marketing plan! AT&T provides marketing and technology tools to help you control costs and create valuable interaction between students and faculty. Stay ahead of the game, and take your marketing on the road with AT&T Mobile Marketing Solutions.


Communicate in near-real time with teachers and students, reaching them virtually anywhere, at nearly any time. Reach students during games or in the bookstore to promote special events. Advise teachers of class schedule changes right away. Position yourself as a leader in both academia and technology by mobilizing your marketing. AT&T can help with our variety of mobile marketing solutions!





Potential Benefits


  • School and student safety
  • Engage today’s "digital natives" and meet them where they are—on the Web while on the go


Custom apps that mobilize campus activities, maps, course curricula, and class registration.

AT&T Mobile Enterprise Applications Platform

  • Create connected campuses.
  • Provide safe and secure learning environments.
  • Create 21st-century classrooms.
  • Mobilize university applications.
  • Enable technology-rich learning environments.
  • Provide online alternatives to brick and mortar classes.
  • Allow student interaction and notification 24 hours a day.

Notify students and faculty about events and offers, and respond to requests.

Send SMS messages to students or teachers in the U.S., Canada, and select international countries. Messages can be two-way, sent to groups, scheduled for future delivery, or archived.

AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite

  • Notify students and teachers regardless of their wireless providers.
  • Eliminate the need to connect to individual provider SMS gateways.

Answer student questions by website or email without increasing overhead

Allow students to text keywords for information about game schedules, tuition due dates, fees, and so on.

AT&T Messaging Toolkit

  • Improve student satisfaction.
  • Provide key takeaways for targeted responses
  • Provide information quickly.
  • Reduce administrative costs.

Attract students, parents, and fans to special events on campus, at the stadium, and at other locations of interest.

Push student-requested content based on mobile location and time of day to maximize call-to-action or response.

AT&T Location Information Services

  • Increase attendance (and revenue) at games and special events.


AT&T Mobile Enterprise Applications Platform

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