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Entice more clients with mobile marketing.

The world of retail is extremely competitive. Keep your edge with AT&T Mobile Marketing Solutions. Help increase sales, create customer loyalty, and enhance your customers' experience. AT&T Mobile Marketing Solutions can help you mobilize your point-of-sale systems, your workforce, and your IT applications. AT&T is ready to be your solution provider to help improve efficiency and reduce overhead for your retail business.


ChallengeSolutionAT&T ProductPotential Benefits
Programmatically determine location of a phone for mobile marketing purposes without installing an app on the phone.
Enable developers to locate a phone (after consent has been obtained) on most major U.S. carrier networks. AT&T Location Information Service
  • Integrate the AT&T Location Information Service API into marketing campaign tools or other mobile marketing app.
  • Locate phones for targeted advertising with Mobile Marketing Association guideline compliance.
Attract customers to your retail location and build customer lists.
  • Deliver messages to multiple destinations from existing marketing, CRM, or other apps.
  • Enable developers to process incoming messages; create new keywords for campaigns, and more.
  • Use sequential messaging if no action is taken on the first channel i.e. send email if no action is taken when SMS is sent. Manage campaign activity from other apps such as keyword creation, send messages to a list, dynamically create new lists 
AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite
  • Create multi-channel messaging based on customer preference.

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