AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite

The AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite (GSMS) is a powerful Web-based app designed for large enterprise messaging and communication. Use AT&T GSMS to develop sophisticated mobile marketing solutions with dedicated short codes, interface with CRM systems, and reach customers on most networks across the globe. AT&T GSMS gives you worldwide reach, enabling two-way communication via SMS or email, and helps you reach employees and opted-in customers.


Potential Benefits

  • Reach subscribers via SMS and email in the U.S., Canada, and select international countries.
  • Provides Software as a Service (SaaS) capability (Web-based service).
  • Control permissions enterprise-wide (hierarchical and multi-workgroup).
  • Archive all messaging activity.*
  • Use reporting and analysis tools.
  • Use tools to integrate with existing messaging systems and apps.
  • Use the 24/7 technical support provided by AT&T.**


Integrate the platform with existing systems or use it as a standalone Web-based app for:


  • Workforce management and communication.
  • Mobile marketing campaigns via SMS and email.
  • Mobile commerce.
  • Human resource functions, job placement, and staffing.
  • Shift confirmations and scheduling.
  • Reminders.
  • Voting, polling, surveying, and sweepstakes.


Additional Apps

AT&T GSMS also offers several optional preconfigured apps that provide:


  • WebSMS+: Extends the essential outbound messaging capability of WebSMS by enabling advanced features, such as permission management, reply management, scheduling, and prioritization. (Note: WebSMS is included as a standard app in AT&T Global SMS).***
  • Campaign Manager: Manages opt-in and opt-out permissions for SMS and email marketing. With permission, you can deliver bulk SMS and email messages to your customers. Also manages responses for SMS voting, polls, surveys, and competitions.
  • Inbound and Inbound+: Receives SMS messages generated in the field from a mobile device, and can automatically sort and parse incoming SMS messages and respond. Inbound+ extends Inbound capabilities by enabling multi-question campaigns, voting, polls, surveys, and competition drawings. (Note: One Inbound user license is included as a standard app in AT&T GSMS – Corporate.)
  • Reminder: Enables automated SMS appointment reminders and confirmations, ensuring that customers are contacted, which can help reduce failure-to-attend rates.
  • eMailer and eMailer+: Enables email to be used as a multi-modal communication tool that complements SMS capability. eMailer+ extends the included eMailer app by enabling advanced email features. Add attachments and use unsubscribe controls, an open counter, templates, and destination filtering.
  • Mobile Authenticator: Enables you to provide customers access to your online services using a two-factor mobile authentication system. Lets you take advantage of mobile phones to deliver a one-time password via SMS, delivering the same benefits as a hardware or software token without the administrative overhead.
  • StaffMatch: Automates the time-consuming process of contacting staff to fill open shifts. Define your shift (date, time, and location), the role you need to fill, and any specific qualifications, and then press Send. StaffMatch sends an SMS message to all staff in your employee pool who meets your selected criteria. Staff members respond by pressing y or n. StaffMatch allocates shifts to those whose y responses are received first. StaffMatch then sends an acknowledgement to the successful staff members and advises unsuccessful staff members accordingly.
  • StaffSafe: Enables you to keep in touch with workers when they're in the field. StaffSafe makes it easy to create and schedule staff checks via SMS, confirm status from the field via SMS, escalate when messages go unanswered, and gain real-time reporting of employee status. Integrate StaffSafe into existing workforce management systems for job dispatch and tracking to ensure a smooth end-to-end process flow.

Quickly update consumers about shipping details and payment confirmations using text messages.

  • Improves consumer satisfaction.
  • Improves operational efficiencies.

Deliver messages to any mobile subscriber in the U.S., Canada, and select international countries. Send two-way messages; send to groups, schedule messages for future delivery, and archive messages.

  • Notifies recipients regardless of their provider.
  • Eliminates connecting to individual providers' SMS gateways.

Validate transactions with clients using texts.

  • Improves client security.
  • Reduces overhead for fraud detection.

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