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Now you can know the constantly changing location of mobile employees, assets or even customers–practically anywhere in the world on any major wireless network. With Location Information Services you can benefit from different location technologies based on your use case needs. Whether it's using cross-carrier U.S. and Canadian cellular networks for non-client location results or using our device Software Development Kit (SDK) for global consumer messaging, Location Information Services has the access and capabilities you desire.


AT&T Location Information Services now offers two solutions that can help you keep track of the constantly changing location of mobile employees, assets, or even customers as well as enable you to present mobile specific marketing to opted-in customers:

  • AT&T Location Information Services packaged Web portals
  • AT&T Location Information Services API


Get network-based location information from opted-in customers’ handsets or other certified devices, both indoors and outdoors, across major U.S. and Canadian wireless providers.

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The AT&T Location Information Services cloud-based product suite includes positioning and location solutions that combine cross-provider network-based location information with specific location solutions such as geofencing, SMS capabilities1, Global Cell ID (G-CID), and hybrid (using device-based cellular and Wi-Fi location information). These solutions help to deliver highly secure, nearly ubiquitous location information for virtually all use cases, across many industries. The AT&T Location Information Services product suite helps you obtain and use location information in two ways: as a packaged Web portal for those seeking common functionality and quick usage and via a highly secure Web services application programming interface (API) for large organizations seeking flexibility and integration with other key systems.



  • Cross-provider access to mobile devices and landlines
  • Flexible API and packaged Web portal formats
  • Network-based location data available indoor and outdoor, no GPS required
  • Client-based location data with high-accuracy indoor location, geofencing, and messaging capabilities
  • Two-way messaging that lets you integrate SMS into new or existing workflows
  • Complete multimodal privacy management
  • Geocoding and reverse geocoding
  • Value-added business data that includes points of interest
  • High-availability system with support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Potential Benefits

  • Helps increase business efficiency
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Enhances customer communications
  • Improves customer service
  • Facilitates new location-based advertising and revenue-generating services


AT&T Location Information Services supports cross-provider location capabilities with tier-1 U.S. and Canadian providers—Verizon®, Sprint®, T-Mobile®, Telus®, and Rogers®2. AT&T business customers can work with just one API and there's no need to connect to every provider independently.


AT&T Location Information Services also enables you to send SMS messages that can facilitate communication with customers about their location (for example, a stranded motorist who needs to know when a tow truck will arrive). Combining SMS messages with the AT&T Location Information Services geofence capability enables communication around a specific location, which can empower proximity marketing campaigns for retail or safety-based uses.


The AT&T Location Information Services network-derived location can also serve as a secondary location determination for autonomous GPS from the handset, which is considered the most accurate and pervasive positioning technology available today. And the AT&T Location Information Services G-CID allows devices to be located even when roaming. This capability is crucial for organizations that provide business services internationally and need to track critical assets or machine machine-to-machine (M2M) equipment.





AT&T Location Information Services provides location technologies for financial fraud prevention and mitigation, roadside assistance, mobile gaming, proximity marketing, authentication services, and M2M telematics. AT&T Location Information Services can help you add location-based functionality to your existing services or help drive revenue through new services. AT&T Location Information Services also provides varying degrees of accuracy and speed performance according to need.


Use AT&T Location Information Services to:

  • Streamline call center operations and shorten call times.
  • Optimize the use of messaging and geofencing, enabling you to deliver localized content.
  • Improve customer retention through mobile touch points and service on-the-go.
  • Enable location-aware, device-agnostic workforce management solutions.
  • Reduce operational costs for mobile enterprise applications.
  • Deliver brand-building campaigns and inform customers of nearby locations.


Financial Services

AT&T Location Information Services can help financial institutions use location verification to potentially reduce transaction fraud based on the premise that most bank customers keep their wireless phones close. AT&T Location Information Services enables financial services organizations to find devices that are GPS-enabled and—using AGPS, Cell-ID, and Enhanced Cell ID—even to find devices that aren't. AT&T Location Information Services technology even works indoors, where most customers use their debit or credit cards.


When using network-based location technologies, users aren't required to download any software onto their devices in order for the financial services organization to find them, making it much easier to properly track every device once the user opts-in. After a location-aware application locates a user’s phone, it can determine whether the phone is close to the card being used. This helps answer questions such as was this card used thousands of miles away recently, or does this customer often shop in this or similar stores.


Call Centers

AT&T Location Information Services can improve quality of service, automate call routing, and help callers find the nearest point of interest. Using the AT&T Location Information Services platform, you can quickly deploy pervasive location-smart programs. Call centers get automated nationwide caller location information, which can provide cost savings, operational efficiencies and enhanced customer service. AT&T Location Information Services can effectively route calls from central numbers to the nearest service point, determine whether the call is from a mobile device or landline, and then offer targeted services. For example, mobile callers may benefit from a follow-up SMS message with details about their inquiry delivered through the AT&T Location Information Services comprehensive location and messaging platform.


Trucking and Logistics

AT&T Location Information Services can help facilitate faster customer service for organizations that need to provide a service or deliver a product to a specific location. Gain insight into the whereabouts of drivers; both employee and non-employee. AT&T Location Information Services enhances dispatch and roadside assistance services with on-demand, cross-provider location intelligence. There are no in-vehicle hardware costs, and services work on virtually any wireless device across all major wireless carriers. AT&T Location Information Services delivers a rapid return on your investment with streamlined dispatch and significant operational workflow improvements.


Mobile Marketing

Drive in-store traffic with timely, targeted alerts or facilitate mobile-based customer participation in the gaming industry via location validation. Deliver geo-targeted marketing campaigns and promotional SMS alerts to loyalty-program members and drive new business. AT&T Location Information Services enables cross-provider, cross-device reach for retail and mobile marketing without the costly and time-consuming deployment and maintenance of handset applications. Using the AT&T Location Information Services platform, retailers can quickly deploy location-based advertising programs to increase brand awareness, sales, and customer engagement.

Depending on your business scenario and commercial needs, you have a wide range of location technologies available to help you. Each location technology has its own strengths or weaknesses and needs to be evaluated against your product or service requirements. For example, some location technologies lend themselves to fast results, while others focus on greater accuracy but results take longer. Also consider whether universal or specialized indoor visibility is most important. And because some location technologies are available only domestically and others can be used globally, it's important to determine which you require.


The following summary table can help you get a high-level understanding of the various location technology options at your disposal within the AT&T Location Information Services product suite. Contact our AT&T location specialists, who can provide guidance about how to incorporate location services within your next business initiative.


Location Technology








Yes Yes Yes Yes TBD

Device Client

No Yes Yes Yes No
Accuracy 200-10,000 meters 10-100 meters 5-50 meters Coarse Coarse
Addressable Market 300 M 150 M 150 M 300 M 300 M
Platform-Specific No Yes Yes Yes No
Speed of Results 3-60 sec. 15-30 sec. 15-30 sec. 5-10 sec. TBD
Indoor Coverage Coarse Precise Precise Coarse Coarse
Downtown Coverage Coarse Venue-specific Venue-specific Coarse Coarse
Battery Usage Minimal Based on cadence Minimal Minimal Minimal
Example Uses* Mobile gaming compliance, roadside assistance Indoor location and messaging; hospitality, retail, and travel Hi-accuracy retail location Fraud mitigation, security Fraud mitigation, M2M, international travel


Road America® speeds response to roadside emergencies with the LocateMe® mobility solution.


About Road America

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Road America is a leading business-to-business provider of roadside assistance solutions, serving customers of client organizations with everything from directions and fuel to towing and tire changes. Road America works with a network of service providers to cover automobiles, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and commercial trucks. Founded in 1978, Road America has grown to serve all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico.



Clients in need of roadside assistance call Road America’s 24-hour Response Centers, where Assistance Coordinators determine their needs and dispatch service providers. Rapid, accurate identification of the caller’s location is crucial, yet stranded drivers don’t always know where they are. An existing solution relied on computer mapping programs that were updated quarterly. The result was sometimes lengthy phone interactions with customers that delayed the dispatching of service providers, leading to increased costs and lower service quality and customer satisfaction.



Working with AT&T, Road America leveraged its LocateMe service, using AT&T Location Information Services, as part of the incoming call process at Road America Response Centers. With permission, the caller's location is identified through the very device the caller is using to call, be it landline or a mobile device. LocateMe service enables Road America to access mobile and geo-location data from multiple providers’ networks. The solution reduces wait times for callers and helps service providers get there faster, increasing the quality of service. Road America has seen a decrease in average call time, which means Response Centers can move along faster to help the next caller.


"We have a lot of businesses within our control and management, so it’s important that we have a solution that crosses all clients. These elements make this a very unique and valuable application."

–Dennis Fantis, President, Road America


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