AT&T Location Information Services

Want to know the constantly changing location of mobile employees, assets, or even consumers—practically anywhere in the United States and Canada on the majority of major wireless networks?


With AT&T Location Information Services, you can get network-based Assisted GPS (also called A-GPS or aGPS), Enhanced Cell ID (ECID), and Cell ID (CID) location information from consumers' handsets or other certified devices, both indoors and outdoors, across major U.S. and Canadian wireless providers.


Whether you operate within the AT&T network or in a multi-provider environment, AT&T Location Information Services makes it easy to build and deploy apps that use location information to help you boost operational efficiencies, increase consumer satisfaction, and improve management of internal assets.


Make proximity marketing a reality for your organization! Location-specific mobile marketing is more targeted, more impactful, more actionable, and potentially more cost-efficient. Traditionally, you'd need a custom-developed, device-specific, downloadable mobile app that required a cumbersome download process that relied on customer participation. Now, by quickly tapping into a single app programming interface (API), you can find the location of opted-in wireless consumers with no need for software on wireless devices!


Keep your consumers in the know about great deals via text message when they're near their favorite stores, restaurants, and events. Get started today!



AT&T Location Information Services is a platform that includes a set of app programming interfaces (APIs) used for requesting location information from the networks and for managing privacy-related actions, such as user opt-in, opt-out, and communication preferences. Even when the system can't obtain an aGPS location fix or the target device has no built-in aGPS functionality, you can still gain valuable location information through a variation of Cell ID location methods.


  • Geo-services APIs provide map rendering, geocoding and reverse geocoding, geofencing, and point-of-interest searching to graphically display locations.
  • SMS messaging enables location-aware alerts, such as emergency notification or proximity marketing offers, exchanges general enterprise content with employees or consumers, and supports privacy management actions, including users authorizing the use of their location information.
  • Privacy management simplifies user opt-in, opt-out, and communication preferences.


Comprehensive data and reporting help you analyze and better understand location information, usage, and other details.


Note: The Apple® iPhone® 5 is not currently compatible with the AT&T 4G LTE network for network-based location services.


*Limited 4G LTE availability in select markets. 4G speeds not available everywhere. LTE is a trademark of ETSI.

Higher Education.

Push student-requested content based on mobile location and time of day to maximize call-to-action or response.

  • Increase attendance (and revenue) at games and special events.
Entertainment and Media.

Geofence specific areas throughout a location. For example, at a theme park, send text messages to guests about event waiting times, and enable mobile check-in for rides and attractions.

  • Generates an interactive experience throughout a venue.
  • Increases sales from special offers.
  • Increases participation in special events.

Enable location-based marketing. Send in-app messages like event announcements, promotions, and special offers, to loyal guests within a geofence.

  • Increases visits and sales
  • Enables opt-in service with check-ins
  • Provides special offers and recommendations
  • Increases guest participation and experience

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