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Business owners need effective mobile marketing solutions to reach customers where they’re most readily available. Many feel that traditional and undirected media, such as radio, TV, newspapers, coupon inserts, and billboards, are becoming a more costly and less effective means of targeting the right customers with the right offers due to audience fragmentation and overexposure. AT&T Messaging Toolkit can help you:


  • Drive traffic to your front door by providing real-time promotions and coupons.
  • Grow customer contact lists with enticing offers that encourage consumers to opt-in.
  • Develop closer relationships with customers by delivering new product information and special promotions instantly and encouraging single-visit customers to return.
  • Gather valuable customer insights by using interactive voting options.
  • Reduce scheduling problems, no-shows, and last-minute cancellations by creating a mobile reminder service.
  • Inform customers instantly with community alerts, closures, or emergency notifications.
  • Organize customer lists and campaign distribution methods with a comprehensive Web-based portal.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaign through the use of rich reporting and analytics.




Potential Benefit

Small/medium business ambitions are high, but resources are not.


AT&T Messaging Toolkit enables small and medium-sized businesses to design and distribute targeted mobile marketing campaigns and promotions that reach consumers wherever they are.

For the same price others charge for email or mobile marketing, AT&T Messaging Toolkit can help increase campaign response rates and brand awareness using a Web-based portal to design and manage marketing promotions, campaigns, and customer lists. 


Business owners need effective mobile marketing solutions to help them reach their customer bases.

AT&T Messaging Toolkit allows businesses to easily distribute and manage mobile campaigns in a variety of ways, including: text message, email, social networking sites, instant messaging, and voice broadcasting.

The AT&T Messaging Toolkit portal is an affordable all-in-one multi-application messaging solution for do-it-yourself users. Templates and aids are available to assist in campaign development and contact management across multiple campaign types.


Key Features


Customer Management

Import your current list of customers and create new customer lists through the opt-in SMS system.


Mobile Coupons

Send trackable promotions and discounts to mobile phones using electronic coupons.


Mobile Voting

As people vote through text messages, votes are categorized and tallied.



Go interactive and send a text message to be projected onto a large screen at your venue in real time.


Picture / Video Messaging (MMS)

Go above and beyond the standard text message and send MMS messages that include pictures and videos.


Voice Broadcast

Combine the personal touch of a human voice to your messaging campaign by prerecording messages people can hear when they pick up their landline or mobile phones.


E-mail Marketing

Use predesigned email templates to send and track email marketing campaigns. 


Keywords / Short Codes and Bulk SMS

Use keywords or short codes to encourage customers to opt-in to your mobile distribution list, and then use bulk SMS texting to send marketing messages to the list.


Mobile eCards

Use a template, upload images, insert text, and send your custom eCard to any mobile phone through MMS.


Mobile Text Reminder

Set up text message appointments or special promotions related to important events (such as special coupons for birthdays or anniversaries).


Facebook Widget and Twitter Feed Compatibility

Connect with your existing fans, friends, and followers who are on Facebook® and TwitterTM. Update your Facebook status and Twitter feed through our platform.


Shuffle Responder

Set up different preplanned promotional messages to send to your customers every time they text your keyword.


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Learn more about how AT&T Messaging Toolkit can be used to create, manage, and measure multi-channel campaigns in one integrated solution.


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