VeriFone® GlobalBay Solutions from AT&T

Mobilize your core retail operations with VeriFone® GlobalBay Solutions from AT&T and turn mobile devices into point of sale (POS) systems. Help expedite checkout and improve the overall customer experience, while potentially increasing sales. Let AT&T retail solution consultants lend their expertise to help you:


  • Drive in-store innovation by increasing convenience and empowering employees with direct access to your eCommerce sites.
  • Increase revenue with access to near real-time inventory, pricing, and on-the-spot credit card transactions.
  • Reduce line abandonment by bringing the register directly to customers, helping you turn browsers into buyers.
  • Improve customer loyalty by providing personalized recommendations when you equip store associates with CRM data.




Helps you…

Lines at the POS terminal decrease sales.

Turns a device into a mobile POS terminal, eliminating long lines at the checkout counter.

  • Increase sales by bringing the POS terminal to the point of interaction, freeing you to serve more people, faster.

Sales associates need product information and customer data on the sales floor to provide better service.

Allows sales associates to interact and engage with customers while they're shopping. On the sales floor, associates can help with purchases and recommend additional products based on the customers' needs and preferences.

  • Increase availability with additional POS options inside and outside of the store.
  • Improve service.

Improve the overall shopping experience.

Helps create faster checkout, and allows you to keep knowledgeable sales associates up to date on inventory and on the sales floor, helping customers make purchases.

  • Enhance customer experience.
  • Promote return business.
  • Increase sales.

Conduct sales outside of the store for special events.

Create pop-up stores.

Supports integrated mobile POS and standalone POS, using Wi-Fi or cellular support to conduct sales wherever you want to do business.

  • Expand your selling radius.
  • Increase sales.



  • Mobile Point of Sale Module

    • Apply discounts.
    • Email receipts.
    • Suspend and retrieve transactions.
  • Tablet Retailing Module

    • Provide "endless aisle" selling.
    • Provide assisted and multi-channel selling.
    • Create kiosks with digital signage functionality.
  • Clienteling Module

    • Access customer information, preferences, and purchases.
    • Help customers create wardrobes or match products.
    • Provide built-in cross-selling and promotions.
  • Inventory Management Module

    • Manage receiving—by carton, item, or detail.
    • Easily transfer inventory in or out—by carton, item, or detail.
    • Manage price changes, price markdowns, and price lookups.

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Immediately capture customer's needs with a mobile point of sale (MPOS) system.

  • Improves customer service.
  • Increases revenue.

Provide a mobile point of sale (MPOS) system that offers staff flexibility in how they engage guests.

  • Increases loyalty.
  • Decreases checkout times.
  • Eliminates long lines.
  • Increases repeat guests.
  • Increases conversion rate.
  • Allows guests to make purchases around the property.
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