LaptopConnect Overview

Transforming laptops into wireless workflow enablers.

The accelerated network speeds and extensive nationwide coverage of the AT&T network create breakthrough opportunities for using laptops to enable Wireless Workflow from any location—enhancing the way work flows between people, processes, and systems.


Wireless Workflow with LaptopConnect Delivers


Connection: Increase business speed, reach, and productivity
Protection: Help keep data secure and work flowing
Transformation: Simplify, extend, and enhance the flow of mission-critical activities




LaptopConnect simply and conveniently enables wireless workflow with flexible laptop connection options, the enhanced speeds and coverage of the AT&T network, predictable data plans, and the efficiency of the AT&T Communication Manager software.


1. Flexible Laptop Connection Options
LaptopConnect gives you a range of connection devices to choose from:


  • LaptopConnect Cards—Connecting is as easy as plugging your LaptopConnect card into the side of your laptop.
  • Laptops with the AT&T Network Built-In—Use your LaptopConnect-enabled notebook, available from leading manufacturers, including Dell™, Lenovo™, Panasonic, and Sony.
  • Tethered Handsets—Connect your AT&T handset to your laptop and talk and connect to the Internet at the same time.*


2. The AT&T Network
Only AT&T has the broadband speed and responsiveness of BroadbandConnect and the extensive national coverage of the EDGE network. This means your work flows in more than 17,000 American cities and towns. Additionally, AT&T also gives you the largest alliance of international voice and data network partners of any US carrier. Your data can flow in 152 countries around the world, more than with any other U.S. carrier.


Now LaptopConnect delivers wireless broadband access in even more locations with complementary AT&T Wi-Fi Basic service if you meet certain eligibility requirements. AT&T Wi-Fi Basic provides convenient, fast internet access at more than 22,000 hot spots nationwide and 58,000 additional international locations. Participating locations include Starbucks® stores** and select airports, restaurants, and other familiar places you already visit.


Learn more about AT&T Wi-Fi Basic with LaptopConnect

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3. Data Plans to Meet Your Needs
LaptopConnect is a cost-effective Wireless Workflow solution. DataConnect plans for LaptopConnect include up to 5GB of wireless data usage in the U.S. for $60.00/month, also included with the $60.00 plan is unlimited access to AT&T WiFi Basic Service. Smaller bundles of megabytes (MB) of data usage are also available (prices vary based on included usage).


Learn more about AT&T Data Plans for Business


4. AT&T Communication Manager Software
Included with all LaptopConnect purchases, AT&T Communication Manager software quickly connects you to the AT&T network and your local Wi-Fi connections. 


Learn more about AT&T Communication Manager



Backed by the AT&T network, LaptopConnect helps keep your work safe from interruption. Security features such as encryption shield critical business information while third-party solutions such as virtual private networks—provided by the most trusted names in security—add another layer of protection. Since DataConnect plans for LaptopConnect offers a predictable flat-rate connection cost, your business is also protected from unexpected Wi-Fi, dial up, and broadband connection costs.




AT&T Leads the Way in Wireless Workflow Solutions
AT&T's proven thought and market leadership can help your organization harness new ways to use LaptopConnect to streamline, enhance, and extend your workflow.


  • Eliminate inefficient, paper-based processes
  • Capture real-time data from the field
  • Shorten response time and billing cycles
  • Streamline processes
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase sales revenue
  • Optimize employee time and effort


AT&T Provides End-To-End Solutions
Our Enterprise Solutions Specialists provide expert technical and business advice for transforming your workflow. And because AT&T is aligned with the most trusted application and service partners, you can rest assured that your security, support, and implementation needs will always be fully satisfied.


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