MSN Cashback Rewards Terms & Conditions

AT&T and Microsoft Bing are teaming up to offer buyers cashback rewards ("Bing Cashback") on their eligible purchases on This program is a great way for you to save money when you shop online as you'll earn a percentage of the eligible product price as cashback.

Conditions and Limitations

In addition to the terms and conditions set forth below, your participation in the Bing Cashback rewards program (the "Program") on is subject to the Microsoft Service Agreement at, including, without limitation, the terms applicable to the Program included at section 17 in the Microsoft Service Agreement. In the event of a conflict between these additional terms and those in the Microsoft Service Agreement, the terms below control for your participation in the Program on

1. Additional Purchase Requirements. Your ability to earn Bing Cashback from for purchases on is subject to the following requirements in addition to those included in the Microsoft Service Agreement:

i. To be eligible to earn Bing Cashback, you must access AT&T through the search engine on and must successfully complete an eligible purchase on within the same web browsing session that was initiated via the search engine, which session cannot exceed 24 hours. Such 24 hour period shall be referred to herein as an "Online Session".

ii. You must either (a) activate new wireless service on a qualified rate plan with a two year contract or (b) extend a qualified rate plan for existing wireless service for an additional two year period, if upgrade eligible pursuant to AT&T's general upgrade eligibility requirements.

iii. Bing Cashback will apply to the price of a single wireless device with a qualified activation or term qualifying term extension and accessories from during a single Online Session. Bing Cashback will not be applied to any additional purchases. The price of accessories will qualify for Bing Cashback only if purchased with a qualified device and activation or qualified term extension.

iv. The Bing Cashback that you are eligible to obtain in connection with the Program will be identified on the search page and on the interstitial/registration page (for those not previously registered for the Program) and will be equal to a percentage off the final sale price of the total qualified purchase during the Online Session (excluding shipping and handling fees, insurance fees and other such fees).

2. In addition to exclusions contained in the Microsoft Service Agreement and those included above, the following purchases on are not eligible for Bing Cashback:

i. iPhone devices, GoPhone (prepaid devices) or Premier corporate customers or employees of Premier corporate customers.

ii. Purchases that are not completed using's checkout flow.

iii. Purchases that have a total point of sale due of zero.

iv. Purchases made through any other AT&T site; is the only AT&T website that is participating in the Program; purchases on any other AT&T website will not be eligible for Bing Cashback.