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Know Before You Go

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International roaming and long distance service at pay-per-use rates are included with your AT&T Mobility service, and may be automatically provisioned on eligible customers' lines of service.* However, before calling or traveling abroad, we recommend that you:

1. Determine if your wireless device will operate in the country you are visiting.
    Tip: To ensure the broadest coverage, a quad-band (850/900/1800/1900) device is recommended. To roam in Japan or South Korea, a 3G device that operates at 2100 MHz is required.
2. Call customer service (800-331-0500) or visit an AT&T Mobility retail store to verify international roaming service is activated (or you may request it be blocked).
3. Verify rates by selecting the countries you will visit from the "International Roaming Rates and Coverage" list.
    Tip: Select "DETAILS" to view coverage maps.
4. Learn how to call home when traveling abroad.
    Tip: It's easy to call or send a text message back to the U.S.
Simply dial: "+" (1) (10-digit number).

See our FAQs or call customer service for additional information about international roaming, including applicable charges for voicemail messages and how to call AT&T customer service from abroad.

* Your plan may include the ability to make and/or receive calls while roaming internationally. Certain eligibility restrictions apply which may be based on service tenure, payment history and/or credit and AT&T, in its sole discretion, may block your ability to use your phone while roaming internationally until eligibility criteria is met. When outside the U.S., Puerto Rico and USVI, you will be charged normal international roaming airtime when incoming calls are routed to voicemail, even if no message is left.

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