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MEdia™ Net

Frequently Asked Questions

Parental Controls

Top Questions

What is MEdia Net?
Is MEdia Net available on my phone?
What pricing options are available for MEdia Net?
Will I have to change calling plans to use MEdia Net?



Q. What is MEdia™ Net?
MEdia Net is the Internet on your AT&T wireless phone. It gives you access to all the cool things your phone can do - email, websites, games, and more.


  • Get the latest scores from ESPN,, and CBS Sportsline
  • Track up to ten of your favorite teams
  • Keep an eye on your fantasy team with Player Tracker


  • Read entertainment news and gossip from E! Online and daily horoscopes from
  • Watch movie trailers and listen to previews of the latest hit songs
  • Get local movie times and reviews, dining recommendations, and more


  • Check your Yahoo! Mail, MSN Hotmail or AOL email account
  • Chat with friends using Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger or AOL Instant Messenger
  • Use Facebook Mobile to stay current with your friends
  • Keep an eye on your eBay bids with eBay Mobile

Getting Around:

  • Find what you're looking for with maps, driving directions and local search
  • Check your local forecast from The Weather Channel
  • Stay on schedule with flight times and traffic reports

News & Finance:

  • Get headlines and video clips from local news affiliates
  • Stay informed with around-the-clock headlines from CNN, The New York Times, USA Today and more
  • Use Portfolio Tracker to stay on top of the markets

Ringtones, Games, and Graphics:

  • Personalize your phone by downloading your favorites
  • Shop the AT&T MEdia Mall to see what's new

Q. Is MEdia Net available on my phone?
MEdia Net is available on most GSM phones. View the phone's details from the All Phones list in our Shop section to see if the phone has web browsing or MEdia capabilities.

Q. What pricing options are available for MEdia Net?
You can pay-as-you-go ($2 per MB), or for the best value, sign up for a money-saving Data package.

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Q. Will I have to change calling plans to use MEdia Net?
No, MEdia Net works with all current calling plans. However, you will need a MEdia Net-capable phone.

Q. Where can I get more details on the new MEdia Net?
From the MEdia Net homepage on your phone, scroll down and click Customize MEdia Net. Then click MEdia Net Tour and click through the demo to learn more.

You can also watch short demo videos on the main MEdia Net page on Click the category names near the top of the screen to learn more about how to make the most of MEdia Net.

Q. Why doesn’t MEdia Net look the same on all phones?
Phones have different screens and resolutions. Also, the new MEdia Net is being rolled out nationwide in late November through early December. During this rollout, some phones might show the old MEdia Net while others show the new MEdia Net.

Q. What is MEdia Net Live Ticker?
It is a preinstalled application that scrolls pictures and headlines across the bottom of your phone's idle screen, right on top of your wallpaper.

Q. How much does MEdia Net Live Ticker cost?
There is no charge to watch MEdia Net Live Ticker's headlines and pictures scroll across the bottom of your phone's idle screen. You can even click "More" to read the entire headline, free of charge. If you click again, and visit the news item's web page, you are using the wireless Internet and standard data charges apply.

Q. Can I access every site on the web?
Although you can enter any URL in your phone’s browser, not all websites are formatted for mobile devices. MEdia Net delivers some of the most popular and useful content from the mobile web right to your handset. Navigation is easy too - just scroll and click.

Q. Can I download files from the Internet to MEdia Net-enabled phones?
No, not at this time.

Q. Why is there a login for MEdia Net, and what are the benefits of registering?
This optional registration gives you even more access to the features on your phone. By registering, you can:

  • Set up Text Alerts.
  • Personalize the information you receive when surfing on your phone.
  • Create and access your own MEdia Net wireless email account.
  • Review and update DirectBill charges.

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Q. Where can I find the authorization code that is sent to my phone when I register with MEdia Net?
It will be delivered to your phone via text message. Simply enter the authorization code online to complete your registration; in the future, you'll only need your username and password to log in.

Q. How do I change my MEdia Net username or password?
Contact Customer Care at 800-331-0500 or 611 from your wireless phone.

Q. What do I do if I have a problem with or questions about MEdia Net?
Contact Customer Care at 1-800-331-0500 or dial 611 from your wireless phone.

Q. Can I use MEdia Net outside of my local coverage area?
You can currently use MEdia Net service in the Data coverage areas shown in the AT&T Coverage Viewer.

Q. Can I receive a call while using MEdia Net?
Yes. If you receive a call or message while you are using MEdia Net, you will be prompted to accept or refuse the call or message. If you accept a call or message, your MEdia Net session will be suspended. Once you end the call or finish reading your message, you will be prompted to resume your MEdia Net session and pick up where you left off. You can place calls by exiting the session.

Parental Controls

Q. Why did AT&T develop Parental Controls?
There are a growing number of information and entertainment options available on wireless devices nowadays, and consumers want to manage those options. They want to control what sort of purchases can be made on their devices and what sort of content is accessible, particularly over the wireless Internet. This is especially important to our customers who purchase phone service for their children. So our Parental Controls are intended to help parents to make the choices that are best for them and for their families.

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Q. How do I operate Parental Controls?
It's very straightforward. From the MEdia Net homepage:

  • Select "Customize MEdia Net"
  • Select "Parental Controls"

You'll see the current settings for the Purchase Blocker and Content Filter (the defaults for both are "off") and the option to change those settings.
If it's your first visit, you will be prompted to set a PIN code and enter your email address. Or if you've used Parental Controls before, you will need to enter your previously established PIN code, then choose "Change Settings"

  • Select or check the box "Content Filter" if you want to block AT&T-offered content that may be considered inappropriate for children as well as all access to the broader mobile Web.
  • And/or select or check the box "Purchase Blocker" if you want to block your phone's ability to buy additional content that is billed directly to your wireless invoice, such as ringtones or games.

Or you can call Customer Care, and they will be happy to set up your PIN and preferences.

Q. Is there a cost for Parental Controls?
Parental Controls are available for free on compatible phones. The only charge is for data usage when you change the settings—for example, when you turn the Purchase Blocker from "off" to "on." This will typically cost less than $0.25. If you call Customer Care to change your settings, there is no charge.

Q. How many AT&T customers will be able to use Parental Controls?
Parental Controls will be available automatically to the approximately 30 million AT&T customers who have data-enabled handsets. It is included within AT&T's MEdia Net service.

Q. If AT&T doesn't offer adult content, why would turning the Content Filter "on" block access to some content within MEdia Net? What MEdia Net content would be blocked?
AT&T does not offer content that is obscene or pornographic in nature, but there is some MEdia Net content that may not be appropriate for those under age 18—like chat and dating sites—that the Content Filter will block when turned "on."

Q. How does AT&T decide what content is blocked when the Content Filter is turned "on"? What are the criteria?
AT&T has an internal content review process. Also, we are working with CTIA on the industry effort to develop content ratings, which may be used in conjunction with Parental Controls in the future.

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Q. What is my MEdia Net email address?
Your MEdia Net email address is your MEdia Net username followed by "". For example, if your username is "XYZ," your email address will be

Q. What is POP mail and how do I set it up?
POP, which stands for "Post Office Protocol," allows you to get email from other providers such as Yahoo! or EarthLink.
Set it up by logging into MEdia Net and selecting the Email tab. Then select Options and POP/IMAP Mail Settings. Enter the server, login name, password, protocol, and port for the account from which you want to get email. If you don't know what these settings are for your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or email provider, contact their technical support for these settings.

Q. How do I check email with MEdia Net from my personal computer?
Retrieve your email from POP mail accounts by selecting the Email tab, then the "Get Other Mail" link. Your POP email service checks for new mail delivers any new mail in the MEdia Net inbox.

Q. How am I notified when I get new mail while using MEdia Net on my desktop?
"You Have Mail (#)" will appear at the top of MEdia Net next to your greeting. The "#" indicates the number of unread messages you have.

Q. Can I set up an email alert to notify me when I receive a new message or a message from a specific address or domain?
Yes. To set up an email alert:

  1. Select the Email tab.
  2. Select Options, then Message Filters and Email Alerts.
  3. Choose New Filter or Email Alert next to Filter Name.
  4. Enter "Email Alert" in the "Filter messages from this email address" field if you want alerts on all emails. (If you only want to be alerted of emails from a specified domain or email address, enter the domain or address in this field.)
  5. Select Alert on all Emails from the drop-down menu.
  6. Check the Enable Filter or Email Alert option.
  7. Select Update.

Q. Can I filter or move an email to a different folder?
Yes. To filter or move an email:

  1. Select the Email tab.
  2. Select Options, then Message Filters and Email Alerts.
  3. Choose New Filter or Email Alert next to Filter Name.
  4. Enter the email address that you want to filter in the area "Filter messages from this email address."
  5. Select Check Full Address or Check Domain from the drop-down menu.
  6. Select destination folder for filtered message next to Move to Folder.
  7. Check the Enable Filter or Email Alert option.
  8. Select Update.

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Q. What pricing options are available for MEdia Net?
You can keep the pay as you go option that comes standard on most AT&T phones ($2 per MB), or for the best value, sign up for a money-saving Data Unlimited plan.

Q. How do I add MEdia Net to my account?
If you have a MEdia Net-capable phone, most likely MEdia Net pay-per-use is already on your account. To begin, scroll to MEdia Net in your phone's menu, select a category, and start browsing.
You can also add a money-saving Data Unlimited plan online. For additional questions about adding Data Unlimited to your account, call Customer Care at 1-800-331-0500 or dial 611 from your wireless phone.

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Q. Am I using my voice plan's minutes when I access MEdia Net?
No, you are not using your plan's minutes. MEdia Net is only billed for usage at a rate of $2 per MB. Or, with an unlimited data package, you pay a flat monthly rate for unlimited usage.

Q. How will MEdia Net usage charges appear on my bill?
MEdia Net usage charges will appear on your bill in the call detail section as "Data Volume" charges with a feature description of "MEdia Net."

Q. Will I pay roaming fees when using MEdia Net outside of my calling area?
No, when using MEdia Net outside of your coverage area you will not be charged roaming fees for GPRS usage.

Q. How is MEdia Net usage billed?
Pay-per-use users are billed for MEdia Net usage in megabytes. Customers with Data Unlimited are billed a flat monthly rate.

Q. What are megabytes and kilobytes?
Megabytes (MB) and kilobytes (KB) are standard units of measure for data sent and received. Pay-per-use users are billed for MEdia Net usage based on megabytes used.

Q. How many kilobytes are used for a typical task using MEdia Net?
Actual usage will vary, but typical MEdia Net tasks examples are as follows:

MEdia Net Usage Samples
Example Usage
Check Email 4 KB
Check a Sports Score 6 KB
Check Weather Forecast 8 KB
Read a News Headline 10 KB
Download a Ringtone 16 KB
Download a Game 120-150 KB
Download a Music Tone 120 KB

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