Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I'm a former Unicel customer, how does this merger affect my contract with Unicel?
A. Unicel customers will be able to remain under their current contracts for the time being. However, they may also choose to upgrade to AT&T products and services when the markets launch.

Q. Will an early termination fee apply if I have a contract with the former Unicel and I upgrade to AT&T?
A. No. Early termination fees will not apply if you upgrade to AT&T products and services.

Q. Will an early termination fee apply if I have a contract with the former Unicel and I switch to a wireless company other than AT&T?
A. Yes. Early termination fees will apply if you switch to a wireless company other than AT&T.

Q. Why can't I use my existing Unicel equipment?
A. You won't have the same AT&T capabilities on your existing phone. However, you are eligible to upgrade to an AT&T phone so that you can take advantage of an AT&T rate plan.

Q. What changes will I see to my phone and features?
A. Your phone and features will work the same as they did before the acquisition. You will be able to call the same numbers and visit the same locations for service.

Q. What are the AT&T bill cycles and due dates?
A. Bill cycles are determined by your market and activation or upgrade date. When you activate or upgrade to AT&T, your account is placed on the closest upcoming bill cycle to minimize first bill pro-rations.

Q. What if I upgrade to AT&T, and then decide to go back to my Unicel device and rate plan?
A. We're sorry, we are unable to move you back to the former Unicel devices and rate plans once you have switched to AT&T.

Q. Once I upgrade to AT&T, how do I reach customer service from my cell phone?
A. Please dial 1-800-331-0500 directly to reach AT&T Customer Care.

Q. Can Detailed Billing be removed from the AT&T accounts?
A. In an effort to reduce waste, AT&T does not provide detailed billing on paper bills by default. However, customers are able to access bill details online at Customers may also add Detailed Billing to their paper bills for $1.99/mo for each subscriber.

Q. When will I be able to use mobile to mobile with all AT&T customers?
A. When you switch to AT&T – this is just one of the great benefits of upgrading to an AT&T phone and plan.

Q. Will an activation fee be assessed when I upgrade to AT&T?
A. Yes, but you will be reimbursed for any activation fees. You will initially be charged an activation fee on each line of service, then applicable credits will appear on your first or second invoice as one lump sum, including the activation fee ($36) plus any applicable taxes.

Q. What types of parental controls are available to AT&T subscribers?
A. AT&T offers a product called Smart Limits for Wireless, a web-based application that enables parents to set limits for their children's messaging, downloading, browsing, and outbound calling habits. This feature costs $4.99 per month, per subscriber. More information is available at

Q. Does AT&T require a contract extension when I change rate plans?
A. No. Existing AT&T customers have the ability to change to any standard, published AT&T plan without a new contract commitment.

Q. Do Rollover® Minutes expire?
A. Yes, after 12 months.

Q. Are there activation fees for GoPhone® products?
A. No, we do not charge activation fees for GoPhone® products.

Q. Will we continue to support the Unicel Lifeline product?
A. Yes, we will continue to support Lifeline.

Q. Does AT&T offer a loaner phone program?
A. No. AT&T utilizes a warranty exchange process rather than repairing phones. AT&T's Warranty Service program supports customers who are experiencing an issue with their handset within the first 12 months of the purchase date of new equipment or 90 days after the purchase of refurbished equipment.

Q. As an AT&T customer, can I have multiple FamilyTalk plans on the same account?
A. Yes. However, consumer accounts do have a five line limit for the entire account, regardless of the rate plan.

Q. Are different languages available for voicemail prompts and pre-recorded greetings?
A. Yes, Spanish voicemail prompts are available via settings within the voicemail box. Your voicemail greeting may also be set to play in Spanish.