Sort Tables

For all tables displayed in eBill, you can change the order in which items are listed by sorting the columns displayed.  Columns can be sorted either in ascending or descending order whenever the sort icon appears in the column header.  Clicking the column title box one time sorts it in ascending order.  Clicking a column title box again reverses the sort order (from ascending to descending and vice versa).  The sort icon resembles an up and down arrow in a small box. 

Examples of the sort icon:


    Not all table columns can be sorted.  If a sort icon does not appear, the column cannot be sorted.

All tables will have a default sorting order.  The default sorting will depend on the exact table.  Most are sorted in ascending order based on the first column, but some are sorted based on other rules, such as reverse chronological order (example: payment history).  Some will have multiple columns sorted in the default presentation, but when the table is subsequently sorted, the action can only sort one column at a time.  To get back to initial sort order, exit and return to the page.


Change the sorting order of a table

1.      From any page of the table, click the title for the column to sort.  The elements in the table will be sorted in order by the values each entry has in the selected column.

2.      (Optional) Click the same column again to reverse the order.


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