AT&T Mobile Business Program



AT&T Mobile Business Program Effective as of
General Terms and Conditions Version 4.17 (259k pdf) 1/19/20
Plans (151k pdf) 3/18/20
Equipment (1172k pdf) 09/29/17
Qualified Wireline Services (27k pdf) 6/9/13
Additional Products, Services, Equipment, and Programs  
   AT&T Dynamic Traffic Management (63k pdf) 3/8/19
   Device Enrollment Enablement Program (68k pdf) 2/1/17
   Installment Financing Options for Qualified Equipment (112k pdf) 7/23/19
   AT&T Messaging Toolkit (65k pdf) 10/12/11
   AT&T MetroCell (133k pdf) 11/30/15
   AT&T OfficeDirect (46k pdf) 1/9/12
   HipLink presented by AT&T (143k pdf) 7/8/13
   iPhone and iPad (274k pdf) 6/30/17
   Alliance Billing Service (20k pdf) 8/30/10
   AT&T Collaborate – Enhanced Mobile (88k pdf) 7/18/17
   AT&T Mobile Security and Call Protect Bundle Bulk Enrollment Services (221k pdf) 1/15/18
   Additional Products, Services, Equipment, and Programs (78k pdf) 9/20/19
   Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security (49k pdf) 9/17/19
   Private Mobile Connection—Wireless Connectivity Options  
      Private Mobile Connection—Frame Relay  (266k pdf) 12/20/17
      Private Mobile Connection—COAM Frame Relay (236k pdf) 12/20/17
      Private Mobile Connection—IP Enabled PVC (272k pdf) 12/20/17
      Private Mobile Connection—Permanent Virtual Circuit (254k pdf) 12/20/17
      Private Mobile Connection—Dedicated APN (221k pdf) 12/20/17
      Private Mobile Connection—Network VPN (244k pdf) 12/20/17
      Private Mobile Connection—Custom APN (274k pdf) 12/20/17
      Private Mobile Connection—MPLS Interconnect (247k pdf) 9/20/18
      Private Mobile Connection—AT&T VPN Access (268k pdf) 12/20/17
      Private Mobile Connection—AT&T Public Static IP Addressing (126k pdf) 6/06/19
   AT&T Business Console  
      AT&T Terms of Use for AT&T Business Console and FirstNet Apps & Solutions Store (109k pdf) 02/12/18
  AT&T FirstNet Solution (342k pdf) 11/25/19
  Satellite Solutions (1.47MB pdf) 03/27/18


Prior Versions of the General Terms & Conditions


AT&T encourages you to learn more about our general privacy practices by reading our Privacy Policy.


If you executed the AT&T Mobile Business Agreement online, you may access a copy of your AT&T Mobile Business Agreement (Program Description portion only) by going to the Premier Online Agreement Login page.


If you did not execute your agreement online, you may obtain a copy of your AT&T Mobile Business Agreement (Program Description portion only) by calling Business Customer Care at 800-331-0500.


For information about how AT&T helps transmit your information to points on the Internet, how AT&T manages the network, broadband options such as different service capability and expected and actual speed ranges, device attachment rules, activities which may impair or degrade your internet experience, and for additional information regarding network practices with respect to data usage caps related to AT&T Broadband Internet access services, please visit Please note that these disclosures are not part of your agreement.


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